Sunshine Cathedral To Represent During Pride

The first Pride Parade was a memorial celebration of the Stonewall Uprising. As we all proudly remember, the Stonewall Uprising was when a gay bar in NYC was raided by the police but this time, people resisted. They marched in the streets, they chanted, they confronted the police, they surrounded the police, some threw objects. Many of those resisters were people of color, drag performers, and transgender people. So, one cannot honorably celebrate “Pride” without the inclusion of the drag and trans communities.

Sunshine Cathedral will march strong in this year’s Pride Parade in memory and honor of those who are being unfairly excluded. Drag artists and transgender people are under attack these days, having their existence and their livelihoods criminalized state by state. This is a violation of free speech/expression, and for those of us who count such trans and drag figures among our saints and spiritual heroes, it’s an infringement of religious freedom. In solidarity with the drag and trans members of our community, and in blessed memory of the righteous warriors of Stonewall whose actions inspired the first Pride Parades, Sunshine Cathedral wants to march in force this year. We want 60 marchers or more!

We need you. You can invite friends to join you. Let’s show the world that the LGBTQ+ community is proud to be the people we are divinely designed to be, and we will not be silent when any segment of our community is being unfairly targeted. Let’s march! To join our marching team, please contact Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin (

About Sunshine Cathedral

Sunshine Cathedral is The World’s Largest Progressive Queer Church with both a local and global congregation of over 30,000. Celebrating 51 years, the Church is physically located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a progressive spiritual community with deep roots in Christian worship as well as the Gay Rights movement. While Jesus is our primary faith symbol we are non-dogmatic and are open to the truths expressed in various religions, philosophies, poetry, art, and science. We at Sunshine Cathedral affirm that all people have sacred value (“You are God’s miracle and not God’s mistake”), that God is omnipresent Love, and while we love the bible we tend to interpret it allegorically rather than literally. We resist weaponizing scripture and we believe religion is wrongly used when it is used to demonize, dehumanize, and demoralize people. Learn more at