Drag Community is part of our Queer spiritual heritage

For Immediate Release – March 9, 2023

The Drag community is part of our Queer spiritual heritage and the art of drag has helped fund Queer ministries for decades. Drag is so much a part of our religious heritage and culture that at Sunshine Cathedral we even call our vestments “drag.”

Limitations on drag could mean infringement on our religious liberty.  For example, we believe we find drag in the book of Esther; if we were to perform the story of Esther, we would wish to use drag performers to do so!

Beyond these facts, the lens of Queer Theology (through which we engage our faith and scriptures) helps us see drag in the very story of divinity that we have inherited.

The Spirit (She/It) showed up to Jesus’ baptism in dove drag.

Lady Wisdom (She), lived for a time as Jesus of Nazareth (He), and Jesus opined that he felt like a Mother Hen (She/They).

And nonbinary God (She/He/They) has a different costume for every occasion: Day Cloud, Night Fire, Tornado, Rock, Castle, Rainbow, Sweet Daddy, Big Mama, Mountain Mama, Ice Mama, Mother Eagle, etc.

God’s Presence often performed under the drag name, Shekinah Glory, and she was fierce indeed!

Performing in a variety of costumes as a variety of characters that can’t be contained in a limiting binary is the divine story for followers and descendants of the Jesus Way.

It is a matter of faithfulness to our non-binary God and Queer Christ, and to the principles of freedom of religion and freedom of expression, that we affirm the wholesomeness of the art of drag.

About Sunshine Cathedral

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