Welcome To Sunshine Cathedral's Global Fellowship

Welcome to Sunshine Cathedral’s Global Fellowship. This can be the first step towards becoming a member of Sunshine Cathedral, of you can just become a Friend or Partner and enjoy the benefits of Cathedral life.

Here is a snapshot of what the different levels offer you. Click to learn more about how each membership step works, how it contributes to our ministries connecting and supporting people all across the globe. 

Your Participation Provides:

Your Participation Supports:


of Sunshine Cathedral
$ 5
Giving per Week
  • Support Ministries
  • Educational Programming
  • Website Listing
  • Performing Arts First Access
  • Access to Travel Programs


of Sunshine Cathedral
$ 9
Giving per Week
  • All Friend Benefits PLUS:
  • Communion Kits
  • Active Participation in Streaming Service
  • Life Coaching
  • Samaritan Institute
  • Become A Greeter
  • Performing Arts Discount Access


of Sunshine Cathedral
$ 29
Giving per Week
  • 6 Months as Active Partner or Friend Required
  • All Partner Benefits PLUS:
  • Voting Member Rights

Sunshine Cathedral Life

Our “Rules” Are Simple:

Our “rules” are the commandments Jesus claimed were primary: Love God and love people which are succinctly summarized in Jesus’ Golden Rule: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Inclusive Language in Worship (to be inclusive of as many people as possible, we try to avoid ableism, racism, heteronormativity, sexism, and militarism in our worship language about God and God’s ideal community).

Sunshine Cathedral is historically and predominantly an LGBTQ+ community, founded by and for the Queer community, with an affirming outreach to same-gender loving people as well as transgender and gender non-binary people. Heterosexual and Cisgender people are welcome and can be found in every area of service and leadership at Sunshine Cathedral and as allies to the LGBTQ community are part of the “+” that we proudly affirm in the LGBTQ+ acronym.

While people of all religious experiences and views are welcome to be part of the Sunshine Cathedral community, the message one can expect to hear at Sunshine Cathedral is consistently progressive. Sunshine Cathedral tends to promote a universalist theology (God loves everyone and rejects no one for any reason) and a high anthropology (people are basically good), but it is never necessary to embrace any particular theological view to be fully involved in the life of the Sunshine Cathedral.

Open Communion – regardless of church members or personal beliefs, Sunshine Cathedral’s memorial feast (“The Lord’s Supper” aka “Holy Communion” aka “the Eucharist”) is open to all who wish to participate in it. No one is ever refused the Sacrament.

Sunshine Cathedral recognizes “spiritual baptism.” That is, if one has been immersed in the life of the Sunshine Cathedral and has chosen to be a member of the Cathedral, that person has been “baptized” into our spiritual community. If one wishes to celebrate that “inward event” with an “outward sign”, namely, a water ritual, we are happy to oblige. Water baptism can be experienced at any age. We can even arrange some creative baptismal ceremonies for people in our global community.

What Must Members of Sunshine Cathedral Believe?

Whatever Your Beliefs or Doubts May Be

Members and non-Members alike are welcome to explore the precious mysteries of life with courageous honesty, faithful doubt, heartfelt questions, and innocent wonder. We won’t all believe the same things, and over time, we will each change our minds about many matters of faith. Sunshine Cathedral, then, remains largely non-doctrinal and we simply expect that everyone will respect the spiritual journey that each person is on at any given time.

Sunshine Cathedral may not have a lot of set-in stone “beliefs” (in fact, the more we believe, the fewer “beliefs” many of us have), but we do have some shared values, e.g.,

Before You Leave...


Giving per Week

Even without your financial support, a Guest of Sunshine Cathedral can still be involved in Cathedral life.