We Remember Rev. Dr. Nancy Davis

Sunshine Cathedral regrets to inform you that the Rev. Dr. Nancy Davis has made her transition from this experience of life to the next.
Holding a Master of Social Work degree, Rev. Nancy was a therapist for many years. Her spiritual journey led her to A Course in Miracles and so she enrolled in All Faiths Seminary and became an ordained Interfaith minister specializing in ACIM. She went on to complete a Master of Divinity degree from AFS and a doctorate. She led Sunshine Cathedral’s A Course in Miracles group. In Pandemic, they moved the meeting to Zoom where it remains even still. Until her health was challenged, Nancy was also a faithful member of our music ministry and she co-lead a leadership retreat focusing on spiritual direction. When people asked her how they could pray for her, she said, “just see me as whole.” And while her bodily vehicle became weary, her True Self shone until her last breath and shines still. She was, and remains, whole.
She lives on in our hearts and memories, and is forever part of the larger Life that we call “God.”
We send our condolences and love to Nancy’s wife, Lynne. May she find comfort and strength in the days to come.
We’ll miss Rev. Nancy and we are grateful for all that she shared with us at Sunshine Cathedral. Rest in Peace, dear Nancy.

About Sunshine Cathedral

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