Sunday Service Celebration – June 18, 2023

The larger life in which we live our life, the ultimate reality in which we play a part, the web of existence that includes us fully, the universal energy that flows through us, is the stuff of which we are made and the atmosphere in which we exist. We are part and parcel of this larger, divine life. We are divine offspring – every single one of us, and Tallahassee can’t change that and neither can Nashville or Jefferson City or Austin or Little Rock any other place where cruelty is legislated. You are God’s miracle and not God’s mistake. That is a wonderful message in pride month, but every day that you draw breath, it remains true, —WATCH LIVE ON YOUR TV ROKU: Search ‘Happening Out Television’ in channel listing LIVE: Watch LIVE by clicking LIVE ON-DEMAND: —GIVING IS NOW EVEN EASIER: HERE: Click “Donate” VENMO: @SunshineCathedral CASHAPP: $SunshineCathedral TEXT: 954-399-7333 —CHURCH BULLETIN —TROUBLE WATCHING?