The Samaritan Institute (TSI)

The Samaritan Institute is the religious education arm of the Sunshine Cathedral.
TSI is an approved ministry school for the Divine Science Federation International.
TSI is allowed by the State of Florida to grant religious degrees.

TSI offers self-paced, individualized study courses, one day seminars, and conferences. Some courses combine self-study and one day seminars.

TSI offers the following programs:

Certificate of Positive Spirituality (CPS) – 4 courses as assigned by the Dean of the Institute

Divine Science Practitioner Certificate (DScP) – 8 courses in addition to the Certificate of Positive Spirituality (12 courses total)

Prayer Chaplain Certificate (PCC) – the exact same requiremetns as the DScP

Divine Science Fellow (DScF) – 12 courses in addition to the DScP (or PCC) requirements (24 courses total)

Bachelor of Divine Science (DSB) – 120 credits to include the DScF requirements. Credits beyond the DScF courses can be earned by taking other TSI courses, by doing TSI approved independent study, by taking TSI approved courses at other institutions, by transferring coursework previously done at approved institutions, and by portfolio assessment (the Dean of the Institute evaluating previous learning demonstrated by professional licenses, continuing education units, professional training, etc.).

Doctor of Divine Science (DSD) – 60 credits above a Master’s degree or 84 credits above a the DSB.
DSD is earned by assigned coursework and an approved doctoral thesis.

Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL) – an honorary doctorate given rarely and only to individuals who have made inspiring contributions to the human family.

Anyone can earn the Certificate of Positive Spirituality. It is a course of study meant to personally enrich the student/seeker and give her/him spiritual tools for joyous and optimistic living.

Those wishing to to be a Divine Science Practitioner (or Sunshine Cathedral Prayer Chaplain, the requirements are identical) must complete the DScP certificate program (aka PCC program). THE CPS is a prerequiste for the DScP/PCC program.

Those wishing to study for the Divine Science ministy must complete the DScF program (completing the studies does not necessarily ensure ordination, but all who are ordained will have successfully completed the required studies).

All courses taken in the various programs can apply to the DSB degree. Licensed Unity Teachers and Religious Science Practitioners as well as New Thought ministers (e.g., International Metaphysical Ministries, College of Divine Metaphysics) can usually enter the the DScF program after taking an introductory Divine Science course (their previous studies mostly meeting the DScP requirements).

FEES: Samaritan (TSI) courses are affordable by design. Some are as low as $10, others as much as $125. Somewhere between $10 and $50 is what most courses will usually cost.

Some courses that are available (and may be required for various certificate and degree programs):
Divine Science: Its Practice & Prinicple
A Study of Cady
The Divine Science Way
Shortcuts to God
Positive Prayer
Spiritual Economics
Shift Happens
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Law of Attraction
Faith & Works
The Power of Silence
The Christ Method of Healing
Engaging Scripture
History of Christianity
History of New Thought
Spiritual Leadership

and more

To ask questions, learn more, or enroll in a self-study course, contact Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins (Senior Minister of Sunshine Cathedral and Dean of TSI).


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