The Church’s Position on “Don’t Say Gay” should be “SAY GAY!”

The Florida Board of Education has approved expanding “Don’t Say Gay” from grade K-3 to K-12…thus banning lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity for all grades.
Seems to leave Social Studies and Health classes rather anemic, but then, I imagine that’s part of the plan.

Additionally, Port St. Lucie canceled their Pride Parade and made other Pride celebrations open only to those 21 and older.
I suppose this may have something to do with the Florida House sending a bill to be signed that would ban minors from adult performances. The proposal is a thinly veiled attack on drag shows.
An R rated film will contain simulated love making, nudity, graphic violence, drug abuse, and/or harsh language. And any child of 6 can walk right into such a movie on the arm of an adult guardian,
but there are laws proposed saying that same adult couldn’t take that same child to see a drag performer lip-syncing to gospel songs. It’s not about shielding kids; it’s about demonizing the LGBTQ community.
When kids can get guns but not see a non-violent and non-hateful drag show, it’s not about the kids.
Suggesting parental discretion is one thing, or even requiring parental consent, but denying families the ability to decide if entertainment is appropriate for their whole family is a tyrannical overreach that will hurt Queer kids and families.
My clarion call is simply to notice these things.
There are many things to notice: 64 countries that still criminalize homosexuality. 3 transwomen have been murdered in Atlanta in the last 4 months. Twitter has removed protections for its transgender users.
So, just notice. There are many little things we can do, including being an active part of Sunshine Cathedral locally or as part of our Global Fellowship. So please, notice. And respond however you can, whenever you can.
And may justice-love bless us as we do the work. Amen.