The Church of England’s Bigoted Stand on LGBTQ Equality

According to the BBC News, the head of the church of England and figurehead of the worldwide Anglican communion has placed bigoted unity over equality, again.

The Church of England is proposing a blessing for same-sex couples who are legally married by civic ceremonies. It isn’t calling the blessing a wedding, and it isn’t proposing ecclesiastical marriage equality, it’s just saying that if gay people have been married at a registry office, the church can bless their relationship without calling the blessing a wedding. This, of course, if the proposal is approved at their legislative meeting.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that if the proposal passes, he will not offer the blessings because his responsibility is the unity of the church, and his blessing gay couples would be a divisive move. Other bishops have said they will offer the blessing.

The ABC has apologized for the times the church has made LGBTQ people feel unwelcome or rejected, but apparently fails to see the irony that denying marriage equality and refusing to even offer a blessing if it might offend homophobes is still divisive and it is still not fully welcoming or affirming of LGBTQ people.

Once again, a major church body has told Queer people they must patiently wait for justice, for full inclusion, for the church’s unreserved blessing. Once again, this Queer minister (and confirmed Anglican) says that the church of england’s position on Queer people is not acceptable.

All LGBTQ people deserve equal rights, equal protection, equal opportunity, and equal affirmation and validation in the spiritual community.

My clarion call is for us each to say a prayer for Sunshine Cathedral today, a prayer of thanks for our mission, and a prayer of blessing for the work we do; and let us then follow those prayers with action by continuing to support Sunshine Cathedral with time, talent, treasure, and testimony.

May God’s blessing be upon all LGBTQ people who love and who long for love. Amen.