God Can’t Help You. We Have To Help Each Other.

God of many names, mystery beyond our naming,
I was reading the Advocate this week. Why? Why do I want to know things that are sure to make me sad, angry, or frightened? But I read, didn’t I, and I was reminded that

~ Transgender Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr was silenced and censured.
~ The president of Turkey verbally assaulted the LGBTQ community.
~ Uganda passed legislation that makes homosexual relations punishable by life in prison and in some cases the death penalty.
~ Oklahoma bans gender affirming care for minors.
~ Black Trans man Banko Brown killed by a security guard in San Antonio.
~ Florida lawmakers pass a trans bathroom bill and don’t say gay expansion.
~ And in Louisiana, a bill designed to offer LGBTQ work place protections failed in committee.
~ Drag bans, book bans, diversity programs in colleges defunded.
Are you paying attention, God? Of course, you must be asking us the same question.
You won’t fix this mess for us; I’m not sure you could, but I am pretty certain that you won’t. So, I guess it’s up to us. And why not?
All this hate and fear, condemnation and injustice happened on our watch. We supported it or ignored it or made excuses for it or hoped it would just self-correct,
but because we didn’t do enough, the forces of bigotry and oppression are all the more emboldened. People’s lives are at risk. Liberties and rights and opportunities are being removed. Queer kids feel less safe, and anxiety and depression are overwhelming many of us.
So, it’s up to us. You’ll be with us as we do what we can, and that is a great comfort.
May we remember that Love is greater than hatred, and that in the end, only Love endures.
God, you are love, and when we love we are expressing more of you. We are determined to love louder. We have to do something, and we can’t go wrong by starting with love.