Church Bulletin

Please click here for the current Sunday Bulletin: December 22, 2019.

The Sunshine Cathedral’s Worship Service Explained

The opening processional, the weekly Eucharist, occasional classical music, and the liturgical vestments (which we wear about 8 months out of the year) are to make people from “High Church” traditions comfortable. The praise choruses, pop music, and Broadway showtunes are to make youth, spiritual but not religious, and those drawn to contemporary worship styles comfortable. The altar call to prayer and occasional Gospel style songs are to make people from evangelical traditions comfortable. We sometimes offer songs with Spanish verses out of respect to our bilingual congregants. At communion we use non-alcoholic wine or grape juice to honor those in recovery. We offer something for everyone as a sign of welcome and inclusion and at the same time we create something that is unique and authentic for our diverse community. We do all this while being true to our progressive values and commitment to inclusive language, social justice, and liberal theology.

Since 1981, the official policy of Metropolitan Community Churches has been to use inclusive language in its liturgies and sermons, and we at the Sunshine Cathedral are intentional about supporting this policy.