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You can hear a prayer at anytime by calling 954.462.2004 (press 6)

Centering Thought
“God is…the living soul of each of us…My [God] sees me as I am – perfect.”
B. L. Wolfe
We pray for the following ~
Bart P.; Ed; Diane (of blessed memory); Bobby (of blessed memory); Sebastian; Barbara, Kirby, & family; Joshua; Jeanette; Esther; Delia; Susan; Lisa; Sara; Richie; Joseph’s family and friends; Kelly; Richard; Rupert; Amy; Maria; Michele; Maria; Todd C.; Angus & Charlotte; Debra R.; Karyn C.; Harry K.; Michelle’s mom; John O.; Anita; Ann & Deb; Paul & his sister; Nancy; Zayla; T.A.; Romayne; Sarah; Juanita; Sam; Lewis family; CD; Nancy H.; Marion G.; Kelly T.; Christy; Jamie; Colleen; Courtney; Elaine; Gina; Rick; Clay; Charlotte M.; Kim; the Philippines; the Middle East; Australia; Puerto Rico; children detained at the U.S. border; Carol and her husband; Scott R.; Scott A.; Grace; Emma; Peggy; Barbara H.; Troy P.; the Sunshine Cathedral;
We also pray for our friends at Joy MCC/Orlando: Elliott B.; loved ones of Edwenna H.; loved ones of Jim VH; Phyllis’ student; Meliss; Sue;

Let us pray: 
We are each in God, of God, and therefore, one with God. And so it is
that joy, peace, and indomitable hope are ours by divine right. All that is good is available to all of God’s children. Let us rejoice and be glad. Amen.

Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

Senior Minister
Sunshine Cathedral


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