Sunshine Cathedral Lumination: The Visioning Conference &


Spiritual Leaders and You - Openly Discussing The Topics Vital to the Religious & Spiritual Communities.

Our Visioning

Bringing You and Spiritual Community Leaders Together in Conversation

The conference’s Town Hall portion will tackle vital topics important to the spiritual community.

In a quasi-post COVID world, we find ourselves with important questions and a desire for change. Yet, how do we affect that change within and beyond our spiritual centers and communities?

We accomplish this with conversation, ideas, and collaboration. The Sunshine Cathedral Lumination Conference’s Town Hall will bring you together in conversation with spiritual community leaders from across the globe to openly discuss the questions we have, issues we face, and the best steps forward.

Darren Loli


General Topics


Religion’s decline in the US

"I’m Spiritual"

Growth of “I’m Spiritual” and the effect it has on joining today’s church.

Brand strategy

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Moral Majority

The vilification of People by Religion; the effects of the Moral Majority, Jerry Fallwell Jr. and Liberty University

Religion’s decline in the US

Human Rights

Religious Rights v. Human Rights

social justice

Religion’s role in social justice causes.