Become a Sponsor, Advertiser, or Vendor


Sponsors enjoy the benefits of brand association with a new, yet powerful, spiritual learning conference.


Advertisers enjoy the benefits of hyper-targeting to reach those participants they feel are their ideal consumers.


Vendors reach and engage with participants in real-time; capture leads, and even sell and transact business instantly.

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We offer out-of-the-box and fully customized packages.

Sponsors: at all levels

Sponsors can enter participate at all levels. Branding is throughout our conference including, but not limited to:

  • Conference Visual Branding
  • Website Recognition
    (with backlink)
  • Email Communication Inclusions
  • Verbal Embracements Throughout The Conference


Advertisers have the flexibility of placing their messaging where they want when they want. Including, but not limited to:

  • Commercials Before, During, and after Luminary Sessions
  • Branding and Commercials in Discussions
  • Verbal Embracements In the Conference
  • Inclusion in Email Broadcasts
  • Website Banners

Vendor & Booths

Custom Branded Booth

Your booth, your way. Signage, avatar, and even live chat are all at your fingertips.

Exchange Instantly

Exchange Information Instantly. Send & Receive Business Cards, share job postings and more.

Virtual Swag

Add your products to the virtual swag bag!

Any Platform & Turnkey Setup

Easily set up your booth with our wizard, or contact our support 24/7.

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