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Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister
We affirm that all people have sacred value and are made in the divine image.

Sunshine Cathedral MCC is a different kind of church where the past is the past and the future has infinite possibilities. We are happy you have discovered Sunshine Cathedral! We are a community committed to learning, to growing, to loving, to sharing. We hold a variety of beliefs, and individual beliefs are likely to change over time. We affirm that each of us is a divine child of God, intrinsically good and blessed to be a blessing to our world. READ MORE from Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister.

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Viernes, 30 de enero
En este día en 1956, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr casa fue bombardeada.

“… Lo que meditamos determina en primer lugar nuestro mundo mental, y esto determina nuestro mundo exterior.” ~ Annie Rix Militz (Inicio del fundador de la Verdad)

Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

A veces la gente usa la palabra “meditar” para decir “enfocar.” Yo entiendo la meditación como tomar un descanso de pensamientos discursivos y simplemente estar completamente presente en el momento. Sin embargo, el pensamiento enfocado, si no es meditación, sigue siendo importante. Si nos enfocamos en el miedo, experimentamos más razones para tener miedo. Si nos enfocamos en sentirnos víctima, rara vez sentimos poder. Si nos enfocamos en la escasez, vamos a perder oportunidades de prosperar. Si nos enfocamos en la decepción, nos curamos más lentamente de la decepción. Del mismo modo, si nos enfocamos en lo que es alegre, positivo y productivo, vamos a experimentar más alegría, más esperanza y más productividad. En lo que nos enfocamos, influencia cómo experimentamos el mundo.

oración positiva:
Según me enfoco en lo que es bueno, experimento más bien en mi vida.


Friday, January 30th
On this day in 1956, Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s home was bombed.

“…what we meditate upon determines first of all our mental world, and this determines our outer world.” ~ Annie Rix Militz (Home of Truth founder)


Sometimes people use the word “meditate” to mean “focus.” I understand meditation as taking a break from discursive thinking and simply being fully present in the moment. However, focused thought, if not meditation, is nevertheless important. If we focus on fear, we experience more reasons to be afraid. If we focus on feeling victimized, we will rarely feel empowered. If we focus on lack, we will miss opportunities to prosper. If we focus on disappointment, we heal more slowly from the disappointment. Likewise, if we focus on what is joyful, positive, and productive, we will experience more joy, hope, and productivity. What we focus on influences how we experience the world.

positive prayer:
As I focus on what is good I will experience more good in my life.

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VIP Reception – SOLD OUT: Reception will be held in the Robert Graham MD & Paul Fasana Chapel

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Spirituality is both a personal and a shared experience; it is private and communal. The old religious dogmas, hierarchies, creeds, and antiquated vocabularies are increasingly irrelevant to 21st century seekers of truth; but the shared spiritual journey still has value.

Can we move beyond the irrelevance of outmoded religion and still form spiritual communities, embrace life enhancing rituals, enjoy sacred stories, and ask honest questions that may not have preapproved answers? One liberal minister thinks that such spiritual communities are possible and needed and he has devoted his life to creating such communities.
A humanistic spirituality can still embrace mystery and wonder, hope and peace, possibilities and wisdom, and as we offer such spirituality, a new generation may discover that houses of worship can still have meaning.

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