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Welcome to Sunshine Cathedral MCC Website
Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister
We affirm that all people have sacred value and are made in the divine image.

Sunshine Cathedral MCC is a different kind of church where the past is the past and the future has infinite possibilities. We are happy you have discovered Sunshine Cathedral! We are a community committed to learning, to growing, to loving, to sharing. We hold a variety of beliefs, and individual beliefs are likely to change over time. We affirm that each of us is a divine child of God, intrinsically good and blessed to be a blessing to our world. READ MORE from Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister.

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Wednesday, September 17
On this day in 1964 “Bewitched” premiered on ABC-TV.

the presence of good
Rev Dr Durrell Watkins

“I believe in God only. I know God’s presence fills all and it is the presence of Good. I do not believe in the presence of any power of evil.” Fannie James

This is what I want to know with all my heart and soul and I what I want to help others know as well: If there is a divine power, then it MUST be everywhere fully, evenly present. That means that I can never be separate from it and there can be no other power. If the one power is completely present everywhere, there is no room for another power; indeed, there can be no other power. And if there is but one power, and that power is good (or at very least neutral), then I can learn to use that power in ways that will bring about more good in my life and in my world.

I believe in God only and I know God to be the presence of Good. Alleluia!

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NEW Covenant Group Gathering

Do you want to develop a deeper spiritual life? Would you like to find a safe space in which to meet others from our community who are also committed to spiritual growth? Then a Covenant Group may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Covenant Group will be limited to ten members who will meet every Wednesday evening beginning September 17 at 7:00. The only cost for the group is the cost of the book, Heart to Heart, which was written by Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins. If you are interested in reflective, spiritual growth and are committed to making a special time for yourself, please contact Rev. Anne Atwell (anne@sunshinecathedral.org). Make plans now to join us as we covenant to move through our lives in a fulfilling, positive way

Be sure to purchase your book via the Amazon.com link on the Sunshine Cathedral Mcc website, under the tab: Donate & Buy.

“When We Talk About God Let’s Be Honest”

Recommended Text: book by same title, R Kirby Godsey

Class will meet each Monday from Sept 22 – Oct 27th.

Fee: $30
Instructor: Durrell Watkins

Be sure to purchase your book via the Amazon.com link on the Sunshine Cathedral Mcc website, under the tab: Donate & Buy.

Financial gifts are needed to support good causes and churches are especially dependent on faithful, goodwill offerings. But giving is more than funding projects; it is a spiritual discipline that helps the giver grow. Generous people tend to be happier and they feel personally invested in the good work their gifts make possible. As much as churches and charities need our gifts, we need to be givers. This short book will encourage you to grow in the grace of giving and to experience the blessing that it is to be a consistent, generous giver.

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New Sunshine Cathedral Polo Shirts!

Join Rev Dr Durrell Watkins, the staff & others in wearing our Sunshine Cathedral Pride!


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