Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What kind of church is Sunshine Cathedral?

Answer: Sunshine Cathedral is a progressive, inclusive church open to all people. At Sunshine Cathedral, everyone is welcome regardless of theological background, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or ability.

Question: What is “Progressive Christianity”?

Answer: At Sunshine Cathedral, we believe that the Christian message — that is, the liberating, all-inclusive, loving message of Jesus Christ — is progressive, positive, and practical! More specifically, we are a member of Metropolitan Community Churches, a social-justice denomination that stands for peace, gender equality, gay and lesbian rights, and the fair treatment of all people. Additionally, Sunshine Cathedral is affiliated with The Center for Progressive Christianity which offers Eight Points to define the progressive Christian message.

Question: Is Sunshine Cathedral Catholic or Anglican?

Answer: Sunshine Cathedral is ecumenical. Some of our members have Roman Catholic backgrounds. Some of our members (including our current Senior Pastor) are from an Anglican tradition. Other members come out of Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Unity, Pentecostal, and Jewish traditions. Our affiliations are with Metropolitan Community Churches and The Center for Progressive Christianity. The individuals who make up our cathedral hold a variety of theological viewpoints and value a wide range of religious traditions. You will find Catholic and Anglican elements at Sunshine Cathedral, but you will also find New Thought, Evangelical, and Humanist elements. Our diversity is part of what makes us special and it’s something we enthusiastically celebrate at Sunshine Cathedral.

Question: Sunshine Cathedral is a Metropolitan Community Church (MCC); isn’t MCC the gay denomination?

Answer: MCC was founded by Troy Perry (a gay man) on October 6, 1968. MCC’s original mission was to provide a spiritual home for same-gender loving people who were not welcome in other churches. But in the last four decades MCC has continued to evolve… we’ve been the “gay church”, the “AIDS church”, the “feminist church”, and the “human rights church”. What we really are is an inclusive church that celebrates the sacred value of all people. We have gay and non-gay members and we continue to be an open, affirming, inclusive, and progressive church for anyone who chooses to call MCC home. Sunshine Cathedral is proud to be part of this radically inclusive tradition.


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