New Seating

Make a pledge toward the CCIV Chair Campaign so that Sunshine Cathedral can have new, beautiful seats and flooring.

For every $553.00 given (given at once, or pledges fulfilled), the donor will have her/his name placed on one chair.

A chair sample is currently on display in the narthex.

For more information please contact Rev Dr Robert Griffin, Executive Minister 954.462.2004 ext. 206

CCIV Seating Campaign – Installed

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Thank you to our initial donors!
As of 16 November
Paid and/or Pledged: 309 chairs, 203 Available.
Current paid/pledge total: $170,877.00

Allan Dewes & Austin Lee
Andre Caetano & Michael Manning
Andrew Ambrosio & Anthony Varvaro
Angelo Spinello & Richard Favuzzi
Anne Atwell & Amy Walker
Barbara A Murphy
Barbara Ramcharitar
Bart Palumbo & Carlos Perez Varela
Bernie Sliwinski & Jess Rocha
Bill Bryan & Sam Fata
Bill Vaccaro
Bob Horton
Bob McCormick & Bary Clifton
Bob Sabourin & Jacki Herbert
Bob Starman
Bobbye Schuler
Brad Sterl & Tedd Davis
Carl Jennings & Larry Gammons
Carlos Hernandez & Ed Gurty
Carmen Roccia & Paul Phillips
Casey Williams
Cathy Tullo & Karen Dougherty
Charles J Ashton
Charles Lane & Santiago Madrinan
Charles Lo Piccolo
Christopher Kallen
Cory Hagopian & Brian Flanagan
Coss Bookkeeping & Accounting
Cynthia Dubinsky
Deborah Marrero & Jeannette Cruz
Deney & Michael Priddy-Kretman
Denise Warrick
Dennis & Tito McWilliams-Ramos
Dick Schwarz & Tom Massey
Divine Science Federation
Donald Harris
Donald Potter & Bill Peterson
Doyle I Bolton
Durrell Watkins & Robert Griffin
Ed Huckemeyer
Ed Johnson
Ernie Curinga & Donald Oprendek
Francis DeStefano
Frank Marin & Larry Poole
Gary Corbitt by GMC SF
Gary Lane
Gene DiRazzo & Michael Bosco
George Gru (Estate)
Glenn King
Gwenda Artiaga
Henry Pabian
Howard Shannon
Jack Huizenga
Jacquest Vigeant
James Eberle & Herbert Bachmann
Jean Johnson & Norma Wingo
Jim Burke
Jim Hartman & Eddie Green
Jim Pamplin & Rudy Wang
Joe Osborne, Jr.
John Colla-Negri
John Lloyd & Andrew Cheng
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Stephen Lavinio Jr. & Richard Leo Samu
Juanita Griffin-Zani & Paul Zani
Karen Wisentaner

Keith Muller & Stephen Plescia
Kenneth McRuer
Kevin Davis
Kevin Konkle
Kevin L Large
Kevin Tisdol & Michael Mitchell
Larry Blodgett
Linda Edin & Lydya Chapman
Luis Gonzalez & Tyler Noddin
Lynda Pantoja & Margarita Rodriguez
Lynne Sherr
Marc Dickerman
Margarita Rodriguez & Lynda Pantoja
Marian Cavagnaro
Mark Leqve
Mark Lubold & Rodney Bolton
Mark Messinger & Scott Schwab
Mary & Tom Fedoration
Mary Cimini & Jane Farland
Mary Gillespie & Maryann DeCarmine
Melody Fiore
Michael Karban
New River Orchestra/Summer Serenade
Patricia Mathis
Paul Fasana
Paul J. Lemire
Peggy Brereton
Peter Cinelli
Peter J Lukken
Peter Oberdorf
Peter Sheridan & Enrique Blanco
Phil Cordell
Phil Cordell & Chris Seay
Phil Ramsey
Phillip & Sara Burns
Pierre E Charette
Ralph Stivali
Richard Deighton
Richard H Brown
Richard Higgins
Richard J Childs
Richard Rotman
Riches Italian Ices
Rick Killoran & Dave Keller
Rickey Meares
Robert DeCamillo & Kenneth Sasser by SCF
Robert Easton
Robert Hentschel
Robert Rhoads & Michael Zemblidge
Robert Schupp & Dennis Osbourne
Robert Zwicky & Robert Thompson
Roger P Fortier & Mark Erbe
Ronald Couture
Roz Patterson & Judy Boles
Rudy Molinet & Harry Hoehn
Sandra DiMartino
Steven McGehee
Sue Gallagher & Charlene Desir
Susan Smith & Robin Garber
T.J. Morris
Terry Regnier
Thomas Fedoration
Thomas Lander & Mike McQuillan
Tom Korzon
Twila Wilson & Marion Garnsey
Ty Bradley
Walt Lawrence & Stephen Lewis
Walt Weiss

Q & A for New Seats

Q – Why are we replacing the existing pews?
A – The current pews are more than 40 years old. Many of the pews are beyond further repair; those that have presented a safety concern have been removed. Some of the pews are missing top railings because they broke. Several of our pews are bowing; attempts have been made to shore them up to keep them from breaking. The fabric on some pews have ripped, attempts have been made to stitch the fabric back, to no avail. One pew currently has red duct tape holding the fabric in place.

Q – What is the current and anticipated seating capacity?
A – Current pew seating capacity is 398 (downstairs and balcony). The new seats and arrangement will allow for more than 100 additional seats to include space for wheelchairs.

Q – Why did you use the word ‘arrangement’?
A – To make room for additional seats will require removing the aisle space between the end of the pews and wall. The two center aisles in the nave will remain. Our new seat design layout will be similar to that of most upgraded movie theaters and local upgraded performing arts seating spaces.

Q – What other interior work will be done?
A – It has been discussed to install two new doors to align with the aisle. This may or may not take place. Further negotiation is needed. The current center doors will not change.

Q – What will be the color of the news seats?
A – We are moving from our current red to Chair Pattern: Winslow and Color: Mineral.

Q – Will the carpet remain?
A – There will be carpet down the aisle and in front of the chancel. No carpet will be placed under the new seats. The floor of the nave will be like the current chancel floor. Leaving the space under the seat without carpet will make it much easier for cleaning. The new carpet will be blue.

Q – You mentioned that the new seats will be similar to that of most upgraded movie theaters and performing arts spaces. Will the seats have arm rests between them?
A – No. Our new seating will not have arm rest between them. Only the ends of each row will have an end wood panel, stained in black.

Q – What will become of the name plaques on the current pews?
A – The plaques will be moved to a Memory/Dedication Book. The book will be maintained and located in the church narthex, easily viewed by anyone who wishes to do so.

Q – What will become of the pews?
A – Attempts will be made to sell the pews to another congregation. However, several of the pews are beyond repair, so a good number of the pews will more than likely go to recycling.

Q – Will there be an individual name plaque on each chair?
A – Chairs can be donated In Honor or In Memory of someone (only the individual name will appear – one name per chair/plaque) – an appropriate size plaque will be placed on chair. A name plaque does not reserve seating for the person whose name is on the plaque.

Q – Will the new seats be set up for ticketed events?
A – Yes.

Q – Will the new seats have a book/pen holder?
A – Yes.  

Want to make your purchase or pledge today?

Click – Ready to purchase

Click – Ready to pledge

Arrangements can be made to pay in full – $553.00 or $25.14 a week, or $110.60 monthly.

If you need any assistance please contact Rev Dr Robert Griffin at 954.462.2004 ext. 206 or


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