On All-Hallows’ Eve in 1938, twelve of the sweetest voices at Yale University converged at Mory’s Temple Bar to form an a cappella group unlike any other. This group went without a name until they capitalized on a backhanded compliment they heard at a party: “These SOBs are good!” And thus the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus was born. Armed with the mellifluous talents of Orpheus, the soulful minstrel of Olympus, and the care-free revelry of Bacchus, god of merry-making, our society has seamlessly fused our ancient traditions of musicianship and festivity with a professional flair for 75 years.

Click here to read more information and purchase tickets: The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus

Melinda Doolittle became a household name on season six of American Idol continues thrilling audiences with her powerhouse vocals and charm.

In 2013 alone, Melinda was featured on 5 studio albums, including her sophomore release You’re The Reason. Her latest album offers listeners a true glimpse into Doolittle as an Artist, as she wrote and performed half of the songs on the album. Melinda told the Hollywood Reporter that she approached the album “from the aspect of love. It’s what shapes my life daily. I wanted to be transparent and honest.”

Click here to read more and purchase tickets: Melinda Doolittle – “It Must Be Love”

Suzanne Westenhoefer in a word: Candid. She’s refreshingly candid, disturbingly candid and oh-my-god-she-just-said-that candid. Happily, she’s funny, too.

For over two decades, this bold and brazen out lesbian comedian has been traveling the world, sharing her heart and soul with audiences. Whatever is going on in Suzanne’s life, you’ll get an earful of it. She doesn’t tell jokes. She tells the truth. Or the truth as filtered through her uniquely twisted life experience.

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Steve Grand

Performing January 31, 2015 – 8:00 pm

$30.00 – Online/$40.00 – Door
$50.00 – VIP Reception & Performance (75 Tickets Available.)

For tickets, click here: Steve Grand at Sunshine Cathedral

Leslie Jordan is one of the most consistently recognizable faces in popular entertainment. His journey towards stardom has provided one of the quirkier, impressive varied career trajectories of the past few decades. His arrival in Hollywood back in 1982 (with $1500 sewn into his clothing by his steel magnolia Mother) was the starting gate. After a brief career as a jockey, Jordan has enjoyed the full show-business spectrum; the lean days, the bumps in the road, the acclaim, reaching the pinnacle of television performing with award recognition, the ensuing victory laps followed by an alarming and unexpected down slope, the dangers of being type cast or stereotyped, the challenges to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world of technological advancement, and the ever present threat of being put “out to pasture” by a youth obsessed culture and industry.

Click hear to read more and purchase tickets: Leslie Jordan – “My Life in Front of the Camera”


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